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Here comes Santa


Christmas is in 38 days

'Tis the Season!
The Holidays were the best time in our lives.
When the holidays rolled around it was all about family and friends.
Now the Holiday spirit is somewhat lost in some people and
the local FM stations are playing remakes by new artist and
the sound of the new songs just don't have the same feel as
they did when we were kids.

Classic Holiday Radio is proud to broadcast the
orginal golden artist that started the holiday music like...
Burl Ives, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Mel Torme,
Andrew Sisters, Bing Crosby and may many more!

No Rap or Rock

So sit back, relax, drink some eggnog, and enjoy Classic Holiday Radio!

Happy Holidays from Classic Holiday Radio

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A letter to Santa Claus? Yes kids its true! Jolly Saint Nick wants to hear about you! From the North Pole Santa will send his reply... Faster than Rudolph the reindeer can fly!
Merry Christmas!

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I do not allow Software used to record the music you hear in any way.
Recoders take up extra bandwidth we don't have.
We only have so many slots for people to enjoy the music.
"Don't be a bandwidth hog!"

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